Become a Mentor

What does mentoring at Roots 2 STEM involve?

Mentoring includes:

  • Assisting with instruction and supervising students in classrooms, break out rooms, or the laboratory/workstations area.
  • Providing one-on-one mentoring and coaching in relation to becoming an engineer and what the real life of an engineer is all about.
  • Modeling of engineering skills and methodologies.
  • Being a field trip Chaperone.
  • Career Shadowing
  • Being an invited guest to instruct or demonstrate in relation to special expertise or interest
  • Providing instruction for daytime or evening programs.

Why be a mentor?

The mentoring portion of our program is designed to provide members of the engineering community in Calgary with opportunities to share their skills and experiences with our Junior Engineers.  Have fun building with teens and share your passion about engineering.  In addition, the time volunteer mentoring can be used towards professional development requirements through APEGGA.

Are you the ideal mentor?

Professionals in the engineering community who want to be positive role models are invited to contact us for a volunteer mentor application.  We are looking for individuals capable of modeling good problem-solving skills, respect and appreciate of other’s unique abilities and thinking-styles, professional ethics, responsibility and accountability, self-discipline, teamwork, leadership and support.  Mentors must be positive, progressive thinkers who believe in the wonders of engineering and in personal growth and development.  Mentors must be comfortable working and communicating with teenagers on a one-to-one basis as well as in teams.

Our mentors are engineering professionals who can inspire our students and help them see future possibilities for themselves; accept and respect our students for the unique individual that they are and promote the desire to live up to their potential; and challenge our students to discover, value and develop their abilities.

Contact us today to start being a STEM mentor to youth.