Making a Difference

Roots 2 STEM is a non-profit company with a vision to introduce young people to STEM (Science, Technology Engineering, and Mathematics) at a young age so that they have greater opportunities to explore their individual interests and potential while understanding the vast variety of STEM related careers.  Roots 2 STEM programs introduce STEM to young people beginning in Grade 1 and focusing on Grades 5 – 12.

Roots 2 STEM is a hands-on education facility which opened in 2014.  Located in Calgary, Roots 2 STEM is a safe and collaborative space where students can discover engineering and technology long before they leave high school. The Lab of Discovery weaves creativity and innovation through learning what are typically regarded as “the tough subjects”. Roots 2 STEM’s programs teach young people to build STEM skills by applying ingenuity, creative thinking and problem solving to tough engineering challenges.

We need your support to maintain our campus, programs and to create new and exciting projects that engage students. Consider one of the options of supporting Roots 2 STEM by sponsoring, donations, matching grant from your employer or in-kind support.

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Roots 2 STEM is accepting in-kind gifts of equipment, tools and supplies. Our needs change regularly, so please  contact us for information on our current needs.

If you would like to donate items to Roots 2 STEM, please contact us for a date and time for drop-off.