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This is the place for hands-on STEM+A (science, technology, engineering, math + arts) programs for youth and adults. If you can’t get enough of science in school or at home then come and explore the wealth of creative programs we offer for those that love to build and explore. Have access to the latest tools and technology that makes the sciences so exciting. Prepare to be challenged and also to have fun, all the while growing your knowledge base.

Check out the variety of after school and evening STEM programs we offer for youth and adults through the links below.

Junior Engineers

A workshop with real engineering experience. Our signature program has allowed members to design and then build whatever their imaginations can dream up. Click the button below for more information.

Aerospace Academy

Interested in becoming an astronaut or engineer? The most exciting day foranyone who wants to work in space is the day they are selected to join the aerospace program. It can take up to years of training to become a fully qualified engineer or astronaut. Candidates must learn the science and engineering of working in space, in a spacecraft or space station, and on other planets.


For youth, learning to build their own remote controlled vehicles and other mechatronic devices can be the perfect engineering experience! Participants will learn how to put together their own creations in our Aerospace. This class will teach students the finer points to designing, building and programming there own robot. This educational and interactive class is perfect for hands-on builders!