2017 Summer Camps

2017 Summer Camp Registration is Now Open

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Our 2017 Summer Camp registration is now open. Click on the link below to see the entire list of STEM + Arts courses over the summer months. Register early as these courses get filled up very quickly. Don’t let your child miss out on a summer program of exciting science experiments, unique engineering projects, and creative design, stained glass and photography classes.

[button type=”rd_3dstroke_bt” size=”xlarge_rd_bt” use_icon=”yes” icon_color=”#dd9933″ t_color=”#dd9933″ t_hover_color=”#dd3333″ url=”http://roots2stem.ca.c11.previewyoursite.com/summer-camps/” target=”yes” position=”ta_center” icon=”ty2-sun-filled”]View Summer Camps[/button]

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